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Yield: 1 Servings

Ingredients (Help):

Dip your hands in Bisquick and pick up a small piece of dough. Roll
between the palms of your hands to shape a ribbon about 5 inches long and
the size of your little finger. Heat a peeled green stick over the fire
(willow is good). Wind a ribbon of dough spirally around the stick,
pinching tightly at each end to hold it onto the stick. Toast over hot
coals, turning to bake evenly. With a good bed of coals Doughboys bake in
just a few minutes and slip easily off the stick. Eat with jam or butter.
Whiz Doughboys: They're twice as easy with refrigerated biscuits, ready to
bake. You know, the kind that comes in a can, either Bisquick or Puffin.

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