Little Pots of Chocolate

Category : General

Yield: 4 servings

Ingredients (Help):
3 oz Dairy-free chocolate; (eg
-Plamil or Black
; & Green's)
6 oz Ripe banana
3 oz Good quality soft
-all-vegetable margarine;
-(e.g. Vitaseig)
4 ts Soya milk
2 ts Very fine grated orange

4 Walnut halves

1. Melt chocolate, either in a microwave oven (takes 1-2 minutes) or in a
bowl over hot water.

2. Blend all other ingredients in liquidiser until very smooth .

3. Add melted chocolate to blender and blend immediately until well

4. Divide mixture between 4 small ramekin dishes. Decorate with a walnut
half and leave to cool. Serve with dairy-free cream.

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