My Bowl of Red

Category : General

Yield: 1 servings

Ingredients (Help):
1 Medium-small onion
1 Stalk of celery
2 Ripe medium tomatoes

Good saltfree or low-salt
-vegetable stock

More stock as needed
2 Parts precooked but
-underdone pinto beans
1 Part bulghur
1 Part TVP; plain granules
2 sm Or one large bay leaf
8 Or 9 good hearty splashes of
-mushroom soy sauce *
1/2 c FRESH; NON-INSTANT black
-coffee, about
1 ts Epazote if you like it; (up
-to 2)
1 Level tsp. peanut butter;
-(won't taste like PB--just
-adds richness), up to 2
LOTS of good chili powder;
-preferably saltfree since
-soy adds a fair amount of
Garlic to taste
Hot chiles and black pepper
-to taste
1 tb Paprika; up to 2

I buy a saltfree version from the neighborhood herb store; I think it's
from Frontier, but wouldn't swear to it. It's good. (My chili, being
vegetarian, has other ingredients containing salt, so the additional salt
in regular chili powder would be too much.)

I posted this a long time ago, but what the heck, it's chili weather here
in the Northern Hemisphere, so I'll throw it in again. Unlike most chilis
in vegetarian cookbooks, it's designed to taste and look as much as
possible like a good meat-and-beans chili of the neighborhood-diner
variety, only much hotter, and to have the same mouthfeel. I think I got
real close, if I do say so myself; odd though some of the recipe may look,
it works.

* (cheap at Asian markets; don't omit, and if you must substitute regular
soy, add a reconstituted shiitake mushroom and its soaking liquid to the
blender above.)

On stovetop, simmer all till beans are tender. Or in crockpot, cook 2-3
hours on High and overnight on Low, stirring from the bottom as you lower
the heat.

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