Paneer Stuffed Potatoes

Category : Potato

Yield: 1 servings

Ingredients (Help):
4 Potatoes; (semiboiled and
; peeled)
200 g Paneer; (mashed)
6 Green Chillies; (finely
-chopped) (6
To 7)
1/4 c Corn Kernels boiled
1 tb Corriander finely chopped
1 ts Ginger; (grated)
1 ts Garlic; (crushed)
1/2 ts Red Chillies; (crushed)
1 Spring Onion; (finely
1/2 tb Corn flour
2 tb Butter
Salt - to taste

Make a dent in the top of the potato with a potato-scooper. Keep aside.

Scoop out as much of the inside as possible. Repeat for all.

Mix together the mashed paneer, green chilli, salt, corn flour, corn
kernels and scoop potato pulp.

Stuff all potatoes with this filling, carefully.

Put the cap of potato keep aside and close dent.

Heat butter, add ginger, garlic, red chilli, spring onion and saute (pan
fry) for 5-6 seconds.

Place the potatoes in carefully.

Sprinkle the remaining corn flour and roll the potatoes gently to get
coated evenly all over.

Transfer to a casserole and bake till lightly browned on the outside.
(appro 15 minutes @ 200 C).

Serve hot.

Making time : 45 minutes

Serves : 4

Shelf life : Freeze unbaked and bake when required. (2-3 days)

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