Welbilt Abm Honey White Bread

Category : General

Yield: 1 loaf

Ingredients (Help):
1 pk Dry yeast (regular) 1 tb Butter
2 c Bread flour 1 c (minus 3 tb) water
1 ts Salt 2 tb Clover honey [mixed into
1 tb Sugar -the water]
1 tb Dry skim milk

*Note: The key to a successful loaf of bread is maintaining the
correct ratio of moisture to dry ingredients... The amount of liquid
listed above is what works for me, you may have to adjust it for your
particular altitude...

1) Assemble the machine and pour the yeast into the inner pot
along the edge, then add all of the remaining ingredients, carefully
adding the water mixture last...

2) Select MED on the indcator, close the top and press start...

3) When the bread is done, let cool and slice, serve as

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